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Love146 Tied Bow Clip, Peach Floral


I'm thrilled to offer a small capsule collection, in which 100% of sales will be donated to Love146, an incredible organization fighting to end child trafficking and exploitation.

Tied Bow Clip // Fabric: Peach Floral

Each bow is hand tied and secured so it doesn't come undone.

Choose from 2 options:

  • Alligator clip worn on her right, non-slip grip
  • Alligator clip worn on her left, non-slip grip

Measures about 4.5" across x 2.5" high. (This is for the larger size bow in the last 2 photos.)

Always hand made in Brooklyn, NY. 

Part of the LuluLuvs for Love146 collection, available through Feb 2017 only.


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