Baby Tied Bows
BABY TIED BOWS: The biggest bow style in the collection this season. It definitely makes a statement without being overwhelming.
Folded Bows
FOLDED BOWS: A streamlined design for a more modern style, inspired by our urban life.
Skinny Ribbon Bows
SKINNY RIBBON BOWS: Feminine, vintage and super sweet. These are new this season!
Skinny Pigtail Bows
SKINNY PIGTAIL BOWS: Perfectly sized for braids, pigtails, and mini ponytails!
Petal Bows
PETAL BOWS: Also new this season, they are asymmetrical and organic in design. Sized perfectly for a range of ages!
Mini Bows
MINI BOWS: Perfectly sized for a toddler. Get 2 to wear on pigtails!
Itty Bitty Bows
ITTY BITTY BOWS: The smallest bows in the shop. Perfect for newborns and babies.
Star Clips
STAR CLIPS: A repeat customer favorite over the years, these Star Clips come in a set of 2 for your own custom set!
Bar Clips
BAR CLIPS: For days when a bow is just a bit too much. *wink*
Velvet Bar Clips
VELVET BAR CLIPS: Your holiday favs are back in 25 colors! Simple and luxe (and totally appropriate for grown women too)!
HEADBANDS: In luxe velvets and a delicate snowflake lace, these are perfect for all of her (and your) fancy holiday parties!